Zivanora designs and creates jewellery for men and women drawn to refined touches, classic shapes, and polished finishes. Men and women with a desire for style over fashion and impact over noise. 
With a clean and minimalist design flair, every piece is designed and handcrafted at our studio in the vibrant coastal city of Lagos, Nigeria.
We believe jewellery should be worn and enjoyed no matter the occasion or location and that is why we design and create jewellery that is chic, modern and perfect for special occasions and every day in between. 

Zivanora serves the modern man and woman looking for ways to not just tell the world who she is but show it. For her, her style is a daily conversation of elegance, timelessness, and fun.

But that is not all!

Zivanora isn’t just passionate about jewellery, but also the people we serve. We exist to empower you to live a more fulfilling life every day and so through our newsletter and blog, we love to share the things that inspire great living, styling tips and take you on a journey into the things that happen behind the scenes as your jewellery is brought to life. Check out our personal journal over at the blog and get inspired now.



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