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The Designer

zivanora jewelry designer
My love for jewelry design all started in 2005 one warm Lagos afternoon as I sat on my mother's bedroom floor watching her teach me how to string a pearl necklace. It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. It was amazing to see her idea and desire for a piece of jewelry to wear to an event journey from her imagination to a piece of wearable art she could use to express her style. From that moment, jewelry became more than just an object of adornment but one of deep heartfelt memories, affection, and curiosity.

I fell head over heels in love with jewelry and from that sweet moment grew a hobby which many years later led me to study the ancient techniques of jewelry making and the modern process of 3D design and manufacturing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing (FIDM) where I graduated with the Jewelry Design Graduate Award of the year and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

zivanora meet the designer

I started Zivanora not only for the love I have for jewelry but because when I think of jewelry, I see it as a story teller encompassing human emotion and life moments in its own unique way. It has always been a way to express what’s in our hearts and how we feel. It is a reflection of our desires and one of the most delightful ways of sharing with the rest of the world who we are.

"For me, designing jewelry is about bringing to focus the person. When I design, I believe in creating pieces that merge classic sophistication with a graceful aura. I love to design clean polished looks with the simple aim of making the wearer feel special and confident in their style."
I enjoy the process of creating and seeing an idea or imagination come alive to become a work of wearable art that puts a smile on someone else’s face. I am inspired by travel, architecture, history, culture, childhood memories, and the world around me. Since those moments on my mother’s bedroom floor, designing jewelry has been a journey of discovery, delight, and enchantment.


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